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Vol.49No.5 2018
Original Articles
  • Study on Autophagy and Apoptosis Induced by Amiodarone Combined with Glycyrrhetinic Acid in HepG2 Cells
  • WEI Qing-zhu, HE Li-li, WANG Xiao-yun, et al
  • 2018,49(5):689-693[Abstract](17)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of Bisphosphonates on Beclin1 and LC3Ⅱ Induced by High-glucose in Rat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • LIU Yan, HU Yun, ZHANG Xia, et al
  • 2018,49(5):694-699[Abstract](10)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of SRC Kinase on Adriamycin Resistance and Invasion and Metastasis in Human Breast Cancer Cells
  • JIANG Guo-jun, LIU Ya-ming, YAO Yan-xue, et al
  • 2018,49(5):700-705[Abstract](6)[PDF 0K]()
  • Protective Effects of Genistein on Myocardial Injury in Diabetic Rats
  • JIA Qiang, YANG Rui, LIU Xiao-fen, et al
  • 2018,49(5):706-711[Abstract](8)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Preliminary Study on Anti-photodamaged Effect of Astaxanthin Liposomes in Mice Skin
  • LI Fu-min, LIU Yuan, LIAO Jin-feng, et al
  • 2018,49(5):712-715[Abstract](6)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Effect of Concentrate Growth Factors on the Survival, Proliferation and Differentiation of Human Dental Pulp Cells
  • YAN Qi-fang, DOU Lei, HUAN Jun, et al
  • 2018,49(5):716-719[Abstract](7)[PDF 0K]()
  • Expression of TWEAK and Its Receptor CD163 in Peripheral Blood of Psoriasis Vulgaris (PV)
  • YANG Bei-chen, LI Meng-meng, DENG Xue-qin, et al
  • 2018,49(5):720-724[Abstract](3)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Expression and Significance of c-myc and bcat1 in Cervical Cancer
  • WU Shou-heng, ZENG Xiao-feng, WANG Ping, et al
  • 2018,49(5):725-730[Abstract](7)[PDF 0K]()
  • Methylation Analysis and Validation of Whole Genome DNA in Active Tuberculosis
  • CHEN Hao, ZHANG Jing-ya, HU Xue-jiao, et al
  • 2018,49(5):731-736[Abstract](8)[PDF 0K]()
  • Three-dimensional Ultrasound Imaging of Coronal Curvature and Vertebral Rotation Changes from Supine to Standing in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
  • WANG Qian, LI Meng, LOU H. M. Edmond, et al
  • 2018,49(5):737-742[Abstract](6)[PDF 0K]()
  • Hyperdense Middle Cerebral Arteries Sign Detected by Multi-mode CT in Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Cohort Study
  • GUO Yi-jia, ZHU Jia-ying, HONG Ye, et al
  • 2018,49(5):743-748[Abstract](7)[PDF 0K]()
  • Comparison of MR Perfusion Weighted Imaging and CT Perfusion Imaging in Assessing Hemodynamics of Patients with Moyamoya Disease
  • ZHANG Jin-ge, LIU Ke-ling, ZHAO Li-hong, et al
  • 2018,49(5):749-753[Abstract](9)[PDF 0K]()
  • A Social Network Perspective on the Transmission of Cysticercuscellulose Infections in Tibetan School Children in Sichuan
  • WANG Qing-zhi, WU Yu-ju, YE Rui-xue, et al
  • 2018,49(5):754-758[Abstract](7)[PDF 0K]()
  • Cognitive Impairments and Associated Factors in Community-dwelling Elderly in Chengdu, Sichuan
  • BO Zhen-yan, KUANG Wei-hong, WANG Yang, et al
  • 2018,49(5):759-764[Abstract](8)[PDF 0K]()
Techniques and Methods
  • An Improved Acute Pancreatitis Apoptosis/Necrosis In vitroModel of Acinar Cells
  • CHEN Ke-ling, CHEN Jia-le, CHI Jun-lin, et al
  • 2018,49(5):765-770[Abstract](6)[PDF 0K]()
  • Triton X-100 Enhanced the Detection of Hodge Test and Carba NP Test for Carbapenemase-producing Acinetobacter baumannii Complex
  • LIU Min-xue, SONG Qi-fei, WU Li-juan, et al
  • 2018,49(5):771-775[Abstract](9)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Development of Huaxi Intelligent Endoscopic Skill Training and Assessment System
  • LIAO Hu, PU Dan, CHEN Nan, et al
  • 2018,49(5):776-780[Abstract](12)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of GBR and Delayed Loading on Bone Ring Grafting with Simultaneous Implant Insertion: an Experimental Study on Beagle Dogs
  • LIU Wen-jia, YU Ke, KANG Jian, et al
  • 2018,49(5):781-785[Abstract](6)[PDF 0K]()
Clinical Medicine
  • Development of a Predictive Model for Adverse Outcomes of Preeclampsia
  • LIAO Yuan, LIU Xing-hui, TAN Jing, et al
  • 2018,49(5):797-802[Abstract](8)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Characteristics of Imaging,Fiber-bronchoscope and Pulmonary Function Testing of Relapsing Polychondritis Polychondritis Patients with Respiratory Symptoms
  • LIU Zhi-hui, YANG Yuan, LIU Yi
  • 2018,49(5):803-807[Abstract](7)[PDF 0K]()
  • Etiology, Prognosis and Risk Factors of 181 Adult Community-acquired Acute Bacterial Meningitis
  • LONG Fang, CHEN Qian-lai, WU Si-ying, et al
  • 2018,49(5):808-811[Abstract](9)[PDF 0K]()
  • Value of Fetal Frontomaxillary Facial Angle in Diagnosing Fetal Chromosomal Aneuploidy at 11+0 to 13+6 Weeks of Gestation
  • JIANG Yu, YANG Tai-zhu, WANG Jing, et al
  • 2018,49(5):812-814[Abstract](7)[PDF 0K]()
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