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Vol.48No.6 2017
Original Articles
  • Construction and Fluorescence Analysis of the Recombinant Listeria ivanovii Strain Expressing Green Fluorescent Protein
  • ZHANG Xiang, SU Lin, LIU Si-jing, et al
  • 2017,48(6):809-813[Abstract](241)[PDF 0K]()
  • Construction and Evaluation of a Novel TB Vaccine Candidate Based on inlB1 Gene Attenuated Listeria ivanovii
  • HUANG Jia-ling, LIU Si-jing, SU Lin, et al
  • 2017,48(6):814-818[Abstract](124)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Study of Methylated Regulation MicroRNA in Pancreatic Carcinoma Cell and Its Effect on Cell Proliferation, Migration and Invasion
  • HU Kai-feng, YANG Qiu-yun, DONG Jing-ying, et al
  • 2017,48(6):819-823[Abstract](138)[PDF 0K]()
  • Construction of Vectors Expressing Inhibiting Peptides for Nuclear Import and Its Effect on Growth and Migration of HeLa Cell
  • WU Zhou-huan, YAN Rui-qiao, LIU Jian-yun, et al
  • 2017,48(6):824-827[Abstract](104)[PDF 0K]()
  • miR-155/BACH1 Signaling Pathway in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Death Induced by Arsenic Trioxide
  • GU Shi-yan, CHEN Hong-yu, DAI Huang-mei, et al
  • 2017,48(6):828-833[Abstract](124)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of Recombinant Antigen Ferritin on DC Induce Immune Response
  • WANG Ya-na, WANG Qiang, WANG Chan, et al
  • 2017,48(6):834-839[Abstract](104)[PDF 0K]()
  • Radix Angelicae Sinensis and Radix Hedysari Enhance Radiosensitivity of Human Liver Cancer Cells to 12C6+ Radiation
  • DOU Chun-jiang, KOU Wei, LI Ying-dong, et al
  • 2017,48(6):840-843[Abstract](115)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of LncRNA H19 on Proliferation of Human Colorectal Cancer SW620 Cells
  • HUO Xiao-lei, PEI Zhen, LI Yong-zhi, et al
  • 2017,48(6):844-849[Abstract](118)[PDF 0K]()
  • Expression of CLDN1 and Its Nuclear Distribution in Esophageal Squamous Carcinoma
  • ZHANG Da-wei, WU Jian, REN De-lian, et al
  • 2017,48(6):850-856[Abstract](101)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of Aspirin on Brain Metastasis of Lung Cancer and Its Possible Mechanism
  • TANG Ming-ke, SUN Yue-ming, QIN Li-juan, et al
  • 2017,48(6):857-861[Abstract](111)[PDF 0K]()
  • Research on Relationship of HIF-1 Signaling Pathway and Postmenstrual Osteoporosis
  • ZHONG Hang, CAO Can,YANG Jing, et al
  • 2017,48(6):862-868[Abstract](90)[PDF 0K]()
  • Protective Effect and Its Possible Mechanism of Ulinastatin on Lung Injury Induced by Hip Fracture
  • ZHAO Xiao-dan, LIU Hao, LI Tao, et al
  • 2017,48(6):869-872[Abstract](103)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Role of Long Chain Non-coding RNA-Paupar in the Process of Bupivacaine Induced Neurotoxicity
  • ZHANG Li-liang, QI Li-na, YAO Ze-yu
  • 2017,48(6):873-876[Abstract](105)[PDF 0K]()
  • Expression and Significance of PI-PLCε1 in Colon Cancer
  • LI Xiao-ran, YANG Kun, HUANG Xiao-li
  • 2017,48(6):877-879[Abstract](93)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Association Between the Polymorphisms of miRNA Biogenesis Related Genes(DICER, DROSHA and RAN)and Unexplained Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion in Chinese Women
  • FU Mei, XU Wen-ming, QIN Tai-zhou, et al
  • 2017,48(6):880-885[Abstract](104)[PDF 0K]()
  • Intake of Pickled Vegetables and Colorectal Cancer
  • YANG Ting, LI Yue-ling, CHEN Li-ling, et al
  • 2017,48(6):886-890[Abstract](109)[PDF 0K]()
  • Detection and Analysis of Human Parainfluenza Virus Infection in Hospitalized Adults with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections
  • LI Xing-qiao, LIU Xue-wei, ZHOU Tao, et al
  • 2017,48(6):891-894[Abstract](110)[PDF 0K]()
  • Role of HPA and HPT Axis in Anxiety Disorder Complicated with Diabetes Mellitus
  • LIU Can-can, DONG Zai-quan, ZHOU Ya-ling, et al
  • 2017,48(6):895-899[Abstract](109)[PDF 0K]()
  • Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Neuromyelitis Optica
  • MIAO Xiao-hui, SHI Zi-yan, CHEN Hong-xi, et al
  • 2017,48(6):900-904[Abstract](105)[PDF 0K]()
Techniques and Methods
  • Establishment of Reference Value of Hs-cTnT in Sichuan Region and Its Diagnostic Value in Patients with Chest Pain
  • GUO Ying, DU Xiang-yang, HUANG Hua-lan, et al
  • 2017,48(6):905-910[Abstract](101)[PDF 0K]()
  • Assessment of Left Atrial Appendage Size and Morphology by Enhanced Cardiac Computed Tomography in Patients with Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation
  • CHEN Zhong-xiu, BAI Wen-juan, TANG Hong, et al
  • 2017,48(6):911-916[Abstract](130)[PDF 0K]()
Clinical Medicine
  • Effects of Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Social Anxiety Disorders
  • LI Yu-chen, MENG Ya-jing, YUAN Ming-lan, et al
  • 2017,48(6):928-932[Abstract](112)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of Proton Pump Inhibitors on Severe Acute Pancreatitis a Prospective Randomized Trial
  • MA Xiao, TANG Cheng-wei, HUANG Zhi-yin, et al
  • 2017,48(6):933-936[Abstract](101)[PDF 0K]()
  • Risk Factors for Blood Transfusion in Women with Postpartum Hemorrhage: a Case-control Study
  • LI Shu-ying, CHEN Meng, HE Guo-lin, et al
  • 2017,48(6):937-940[Abstract](105)[PDF 0K]()
  • Application of Echocardiography to Support Transapical Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation in Patients with Aortic Regurgitation
  • DENG Ming-dan, WEI Xin, TANG Hong, et al
  • 2017,48(6):941-945[Abstract](112)[PDF 0K]()
  • Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in Adult Populations in Mianyang, Sichuan Province
  • LIU Ting-ting, ZHOU Xiao-ting, LI Wen-long, et al
  • 2017,48(6):946-948[Abstract](123)[PDF 0K]()
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