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Vol.50No.2 2019
Original Articles
  • The Construction of ROR1 Targeting Chimeric Antigen Receptor Modified T Cells and Its Killing Effect for ROR1-positive Tumor Cells
  • CHEN Yue, MO Ze-ming, QIN Di-yuan, et al
  • 2019,50(2):145-151[Abstract](2162)[PDF 0K]()
  • Comparison of the Effects of ILO and LLO in Helping Listeria Adhere, Invade Cell and Intracellularly Multiply
  • LIU Si-jing, LIU Ting, ZHOU Yu-zhen, et al
  • 2019,50(2):152-156[Abstract](1278)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of Interference with UCA1 and Inhibition of miR-185-5p on Activation, Autophagy and Survival of β-Catenin Pathway in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
  • YANG Yan, LIU Xing-ren, JIN Zhao
  • 2019,50(2):157-163[Abstract](1141)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Phenotype Polarization of Mice Microglia via TLR3/TRIF Signal Pathway
  • SUN Jing, LIU Yi-lun, LI Can, et al
  • 2019,50(2):164-170[Abstract](1154)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of IL-1β Pretreated Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on VEGF Secretion and Macrophage M2 Polarization
  • LIU Liu, LIU Lin, LIANG Li-chuan, et al
  • 2019,50(2):171-176[Abstract](1169)[PDF 0K]()
  • LINC ROR from Hepatocarcinoma Cell-derived Exosomes Modulates Inflammation in Human Macrophages
  • LI Xue, LI Nan
  • 2019,50(2):177-181[Abstract](1141)[PDF 0K]()
  • The Effect of Methylation Level of microRNA Promoter on the Expression of microRNAs and on the Proliferation, Migration and Invasion of Lung Cancer Cells
  • PENG Heng, DONG Jing-ying, ZHAO Ya-nan, et al
  • 2019,50(2):182-187[Abstract](1156)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 Alpha on Brain Metastasis from Lung Cancer and Its Mechanism
  • WEI Dian-fang, TANG Ming-ke, LIU Yang, et al
  • 2019,50(2):188-192[Abstract](1096)[PDF 0K]()
  • Alpha-momordicin Regulates Hepatocyte Cytokine Expression
  • HU Da-min,SHEN Fu-bing,TAN Xue-ling, et al
  • 2019,50(2):193-196[Abstract](1127)[PDF 0K]()
  • Dexamethasone Blocks Adriamycin-induced Podocytes'Mobility via Impacting Nephrin Expression
  • QIU Bing, GAO Xia, CUI Wei-jing, et al
  • 2019,50(2):197-202[Abstract](1127)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of Acupuncture at Zusanli on Plasma Dopamine and Lung Function of Rats with COPD
  • GUAN Jin-shuai, LIU Xue-mei, FAN Tao, et al
  • 2019,50(2):203-209[Abstract](1151)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effects of Aging on Endothelium-dependent Vasodilation of Human Artery
  • LI Qi-yong,ZHU Min-jia,CHEN Li
  • 2019,50(2):210-214[Abstract](1144)[PDF 0K]()
  • Resolvin D1 Reduces Cerulein and Lipopolysaccharide-induced Severe Acute Pancreatitis in Mice Fracture Patients
  • YE Dan, WANG Feng-ying , LIU Zuo-yan, et al
  • 2019,50(2):215-218[Abstract](1075)[PDF 0K]()
  • Altered Functional Connectivity in Patients with Transient Ischemic Attack by Resting-state Functional MRI
  • GUO Jian, CUI Shu-hui, GUO Yi-jia, et al
  • 2019,50(2):219-223[Abstract](1089)[PDF 0K]()
  • Prevalence of Sarcopenia and Associated Factors in Community-dwelling Elderly Populations in Chengdu China
  • WANG Hui, HAI Shan, LIU Ying, et al
  • 2019,50(2):224-228[Abstract](1173)[PDF 0K]()
  • Multilevel Modelling on the Prevalence and Determinants of Depressive Symptoms in Middle and Old-aged Rural-to-urban Immigrants in Chengdu
  • CHEN Rao, MA Tian-pei, HE Qiao-yu, et al
  • 2019,50(2):229-233[Abstract](1095)[PDF 0K]()
Techniques and Methods
  • Methylation Chip Screening and Verification of Differential Genes Related to Tuberculosis Infection
  • WU Li-juan, XIN Zhao-dan, HUANG Yan-chun, et al
  • 2019,50(2):234-240[Abstract](1057)[PDF 0K]()
Clinical Medicine
  • Low Plasma High Density Lipoprotein-cholesterol Level Associated with Deep Vein Thrombosis in Traumatic
  • XU Bin-bin, GOU Ze-hui, ZHOU Li, et al
  • 2019,50(2):248-251[Abstract](1154)[PDF 0K]()
  • Effect of Different Walking Number on Inflammation and Nutrition in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
  • ZANG Li, WANG Shao-qing, MAO Nan, et al
  • 2019,50(2):252-255[Abstract](1077)[PDF 0K]()
  • Analysis of Diagnosis and Treatment of 165 Cases Pediatric Orbital Cellulitis
  • MEI Fang, CHEN Juan, QIAN Jing, et al
  • 2019,50(2):256-259[Abstract](1093)[PDF 0K]()
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